Individual therapy

There are many reasons why someone might seek therapy - it can be a helpful resource for navigating challenging times, improving mental health, and making positive changes in one's life. You will be able to understand why you might be struggling, recognising what isn't helpful and helping you make changes that will improve your situation. I offer open ended therapy, working in a flexible way, on-line, face to face or 'blended' depending on your needs.

£60 for an hours session

In person and online sessions available to suit your schedule.

Reasons to come for individual therapy

Feelings of depression or sadness

Anxiety, panic attacks

Lack of self esteem

Difficult relationships at home and work

Grief and loss

Contact me

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about an appointment email me at

I now work in a ‘blended’ way – face to face and Zoom. This means that if we start working together, some of the sessions will be in person and some on-line, (when I am away from Fife).

I am very lucky to have a therapy room, looking out to sea. It is on Main Street, Lower Largo, in the East Neuk of Fife. It has a step free access, (although sadly not wheel chair accessible) and has private parking. There is a bus stop across the road.